RY Vinyasa 1 Fundamentals (All Levels)

This class is taught by:

Steph Villegas

Born in San Diego, CA, though she proudly spent some of her childhood in Canada, Steph is yoga & barre instructor. Known for her genuine, kind spirit and quirky style, Steph enjoys making her students smile, have fun, and learn more about themselves on and off the mat. Steph brings brightness & inspiration to each practice. Yoga is a time to feel connected to yourself, your TRUE self. She looks forward to having you in one of her fun & dynamic classes. Steph received her 200 Hour yoga teaching certification from CorePower Yoga, Pacific Beach. She has done vocal training with Happy U-Namaste and has continued her yoga education within the San Diego community. She enjoys working on her internet talk show YogiTalk.tv, trying new foods, reading at the beach, and exploring out new places in San Diego. Steph currently lives in beautiful Point Loma.

Nicole Perrin

Nicole Perrin, RYT-200- began her love affair with yoga during college in 2006. Over time, this love blossomed into a burning desire to share her passion of yoga with others resulting in her completion of Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga One, San Diego in March 2012. Drawing upon various styles including Vinyasa Flow, Anusara, and Power Yoga, her classes are an energetic expression of yoga that emphasize alignment-based movement led by the breath. Nicole guides students into awakening and becoming aware of their own bodies through dynamic flow and rhythmic breathing. By maintaining a mindful practice, she believes the mind-body connection reveals to us how to live a fulfilling, healthy, and radiant life on AND off the yoga mat. She encourages her students to explore their edge while providing a safe, encouraging and nonjudgmental environment where each individual can achieve their full potential. Nicole is also a certified barre instructor and enjoys working up a sweat!

Amelia Travis

Amelia Travis is a Yoga Alliance registered E-RYT 200, trained in classical Indian yoga in the Sivananda tradition. Her interests in dance and cheerleading led her to yoga at the age of sixteen, and after ten years of practice, she completed teacher training in 2011. Amelia's teaching style of clear, anatomy-based cueing is interwoven with the wisdom of Vedic philosophy and a spirit of devotion.

Kristi Kuttner

Kristis first yoga experience was a Bikram yoga class in 2008."It felt awkward, intimidating, and wonderful all at the same time.'' Once she felt that little bit of yoga bliss she was hooked. In 2011 after moving to San Diego she started to practice yoga regularly. She started to realize how life changing it could be, feel healthy, happy, and beautiful. She then made it a goal to share her passion of yoga with others through teaching. Kristi completed her 200 hour certification and extension program through core power and is certified through the yoga alliance.''

“When my students leave my class I want them to feel strong, beautiful and relaxed. My goal in life is to make people smile.''

Kristi specializes in gentle Hatha, Vinyasa, and Reiki energy healing.

Hana Pepin

Hana found yoga as a way to connect to a deeper sense of self. "When I leave my mat, I feel lighter in my body and spirit, more whole and connect to a deeper sense of who I really am, and what I am apart of." It is from this place she seeks to help students find a true sense of self and balance by practicing yoga on and off their mats. Born and raised in San Diego, she has been surrounded by the beauty of the ocean waves and sun kissed sky. She inspires to help spread the waves of positivity in the mind, body and spirit simply by acknowledging how abundant our lives truly are. "When we connect to our breath, we connect to our essence, our humanity, our light which makes us all one".

Abby Webster

Abby was introduced to yoga during college through her rock climbing community. As a philosophy student, she quickly became inspired by more than just the physical practice of yoga. Yoga reminds Abby to repeatedly choose happiness, to crave the unknown and to love all moments, even the dark ones. It helps her see that life is not a thing to be interpreted, judged or fixed, but rather something to be cherished with both openness and awareness. A mantra she often recites is a famous quote by Osho: “Life is not a problem to be solved, it’s a mystery to be lived.” In her free time, Abby likes to write songs, climb and dance. She loves teaching, because each person is unique, and that's one of her favorite things about life. She loves to watch students let go of their expectations of themselves and others, and to surprise themselves with their capabilities. She did her yoga teacher training at White Lotus in Santa Barbara.
Instagram: abbyewebster

Jenny Degennaro

Jenny Degennaro is an RYT 200hr yoga teacher. She has been practicing Bikrim and Vinyasa for the past 9 years. Her passion led her to make yoga practice into a profession, so that she could inspire others to REACH their own goals on and off the mat.

Jenny moved to San Diego in 2010, where she immersed herself in the local yoga community and completed yoga teacher training.

Jenny is also a Pilates instructor, massage therapist, health coach, nutrition specialist, and her diverse knowledge of fitness, nutrition and kinesiology help her students lead a total balanced healthy life.

Her classes are Vinyasa flow integrating alignment, core work and breathing techniques; from beginner to advanced poses with creative sequencing to challenge you every class. Each class is designed to energize the body, cultivate a meditative consciousness, and give you greater vitality and health.

Meganne Merrill

Meganne began her yoga practice five years ago in San Diego, Ca; brought to her mat by friends interested in getting involved in yoga. Her love for the sweat, asanas and like-minded people blossomed instantly and she found a true place in the yoga community. Her intention is to guide students through an area of their life that they can be passionate about and really find a way to love themselves from the inside out. Her classes involve safe and transformable sequences that challenge students to notice the deep shift that occurs after adventuring onto their mats and into their bodies. She is teaching to inspire others and spark the same fire in her students that her teachers sparked in her at the very beginning of this journey.

Desiree Crossman

Desiree is a San Diego native who has traveled to 49 countries as well as lived in Thailand, Austria, Philippines, France, and England. She has taught in the Netherlands, Jamaica, Thailand, Philippines, and India. She has led 200 hour yoga teacher trainings as well as retreats and is currently finishing up her 800 hour International Association of Yoga Therapists Certification.

Desiree is a Lead Vinyasa Instructor and Teacher Training Lead Instructor with her E-RYT500/YACEP teacher is also trained in Reiki, certified primary group instructor through AFAA, certified JOGA teacher, and a certified Power Yoga Instructor. .

Josiah Batson

As the founder of Batsonbody, LLC., Josiah is a passionate yoga instructor, nutritional advisor and holistic cook, personal trainer, and Thai masseuse. Each of these elements infuses the BatsonBody lifestyle, a holistic philosophy rooted in Josiah's belief that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts." He calls his teaching philosophy "meditation into athleticism,” which is illustrated in his hands-on, active vinyasa flow, a sequence with a strong foundation in asana alignment, athletic movement, and meditation. Each class is tailored to students’ skill levels and customized to heal chronic pain, injuries, and problem areas while building strength, flexibility, and focus.
Josiah began his practice at a Buddhist monastery in Toronto, Canada where he studied Buddhist philosophy and Vapasana meditation. After two years, he incorporated yoga into his daily program. Over the next twelve years, he had extensive training and practice in a variety of yoga styles including Ashtanga, Bhakti, Anusara, Zen, Dynamic Flow, and Raja Restorative yoga. Josiah designed his own unique style of yoga with a blend of the most challenging, athletic, and beneficial aspects of each discipline. His journey into meditation and yoga led him to desire a greater understanding of holistic health and nutrition.
Josiah became vegan and then ate fully raw for one year, subsequently practicing several other diet disciplines and learning from the vast differences of each experience. He then studied at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, Canada two years and learned a great deal about a broad array of foods, herbs, and spices, as well as the science of portion control and diet plans that he could evaluate against his own learning. From this mix of knowledge, Josiah created his own food preparation techniques and tailored daily meal plans as well as smoothie and juice recipes to share with his  clients.
Josiah has been a personal trainer for 9 years and has been into natural body weight fitness as an athlete for over 20 years. He develops customized programs for private clients of all ages from all around the world, online and in person, with a mix of yoga, callisthenic exercises, running, and mini meal plans. He has competed in national tracks meets, played elite soccer nationally and the last two years entered into a men's physique contest, placing second, using the same natural body weight training method he uses to train his clients. Still very active in 5k and 10k runs, Josiah's motto is to lift your body weight before you lift a weight. For the last seven years, he has also been a Thai massage practitioner and finds that this type of bodywork is a perfect complement to the nutrition and yoga elements of his program. The flowing rhythmic compressions using my feet, knees, palms, elbows, forearms, and fingers increases range of motion and flexibility, energy flow, and facilitate spinal, myo facia, and neuromuscular release providing a luminescent energy that is unique to this discipline. The experience also includes a surrendering release where deeper and deeper physical and mental openings are savored. Through these dynamic programs, Josiah helps motivate his clients to unlock their true potential. Clients from age 7 to 85, from sedentary folks to professional athletes, find that they evolve both mentally and physically, experiencing increased overall body flexibility, effortless weight management, and optimum fitness and health. His personalized approach to coaching also infuses his group teaching with a focus on hands-on adjustment with every single student, facilitating each student’s practice by enabling their bodies to open up through simultaneous yoga and massage.
Josiah's core focus is to impact the lives of his students and clients in a way that empowers them to achieve optimum health both physically and spiritually. His work is his passion and he loves and lives what he teaches. Sweat once a day, be led by your dreams and you’ll be the best version of you!

Sabrina Garland

Sabrina's journey started in High School in 2001 when she was told it
would help her with her ADHD. She opted to replace PE with Iyengar
Yoga. After two years of attending the Ann Arbor School of Yoga she realized that she needed the calm and focus that the physical practice brought into her life and she continued to seek different styles of yoga after graduating High School. She began teacher training in 2009 after moving to San Diego, CA. from Michigan. Now, she enjoys teaching a variety of yoga styles. Every style that she teaches has a core of alignment, breath and flow. Sabrina believes that any level of student should feel uplifted and empowered by practicing yoga and she works towards making yoga a benefit for everyone! She enjoys teaching because she loves seeing the ongoing transformation in students and in herself; she is always looking for growth, contribution and a chance to learn something new. She found that it is in the present connection we have with our environment that weaves compassion into our practice
and lives.

John Beck

"My love of practice turned into a passion of wanting to give back to others what yoga did for me! I was very ego driven and reactive to all things around me in good and bad ways, but as my practice deepened I lost most of my ego and learned to step back before reacting like I normally would and life began to flow much smoother and happiness came in abundance! All of the changes within me lead to new doors and introduced me to a new community! Since my first class I've made a point for everyone to share their name and something positive in their life to uplift and join together. Most of the time a heart hug will follow! Such beauty has come from watching people come together and yoga being a vessel to bring people together is even more amazing and I love being a part of it!"

Hailey Young

Hailey entered her first yoga class during college in hopes of discovering some sort of stress relief from her heavy class load. She was immediately hooked to everything yoga had to offer, and began to take classes regularly from that point on. With a background in Kinesiology, she became a yoga teacher in hopes of building a better knowledge of the anatomy of yoga and what it had to offer physically. After getting deeper into the spiritual and mental aspect, such as breath work and meditation, she knew right away that she wanted to share her experience with others. Hailey immediately developed a strong passion for teaching and watching her students grow, as well sharing her appreciation for yoga with others.

Meredith Hatton

Meredith is an east coast native who began her yoga journey almost five years ago. Originally drawn to class for the physical benefits, Meredith found a passion for the challenging postures. She was soon immersed in the many mental and emotional benefits of practice as well. After relocating to San Diego, she has adopted yoga as not only a hobby but a lifestyle as well. Meredith has a Bacholer's degree in Food Science and Nutrition and is 200 RYT certified. She hopes to share her passion and inspiration with all her students.

Graham Heaton

Graham grew up in the waters and hills of Santa Barbara County. A life long surfer, runner and hiker, physical activities have always been the mode by which Graham enriched his life. In his early teens he recognized the meditative qualities that exist in each activity and decided to explore a separate meditation practice. Through self guided times of sitting in silence he discovered that his attention to breathing and a focused mindfulness of his body had a calming and rejuvenating effect. Unfortunately, due to a string of injuries in 2001 he found himself incapacitated and unable to partake in the activities that had given him so much pleasure and happiness. The next year was plagued by depression and chronic pain.
In 2002, Graham was taken to his first Asana based yoga class and the healing results were immediate. Yoga, supplemented with body work, drastically improved his physical and mental well-being.

In 2008, he moved to the San Diego area which provided more access to studios and sparked a renewed interest in Asana (yoga postures). This periodic practice would soon evolve into daily routine. Under the guidance of North County based instructors his experiences of the physiological and spiritual benefits of the yogic practices developed and expanded.

With the encouragement of a community of teachers, Graham began to teach public classes in 2011. Over the years, with avid study of the effects of Yoga on his body and psyche, Graham has developed a unique style and philosophy of teaching that integrates his experiences and wisdom into classes that are physically challenging and therapeutically oriented. His classes are a journey through which one is given the opportunity to go inside, to clear and develop the mind, heart and body, for the purpose of revealing the peace in ones own inner-landscape.

Alyssa Moeller

Alyssa stepped onto her mat in 2010 as a way to relieve anxiety, and quickly discovered that not only were her stress levels improving, but also her happiness, contentment, body and sense of self-worth. She loves to incorporate dynamic sequencing, a killer playlist, and focus on honoring what the body and soul need on any given day. Alyssa obtained her 200-hour certification in 2014 and is certified in Reiki. Her experience includes teaching corporate, studio and private yoga classes, leading workshops, and leading 200-hour yoga teacher trainings
This class is designed for all students who are beginning their journey with yoga. Vinyasa 1 introduces core-strengthening postures with an increase in transition speed and room temperature.