RY Candlelight Vinyasa (75 min)

This class is taught by:

Ansley Martinez

Ansley came to her first yoga class In hopes of developing a deeper mind and body connection, little did she know that those first yoga classes would be the beginning of a continuous spiritual, physical and mental journey. "Yoga has given me my life back, it's given me a true sense of self and connection with everything around me. I truly believe that what you seek, is seeking you and I know that Yoga found me so that I can share it with others." Born and raised in sunny San Diego Ansley finds peace by being submersed in nature and enjoys exploring her native city. As a RTY200, her vinyasa based classes focus on all aspects of yoga from: Prana(breath),asana and meditation to the 8 limbed path. She strives to offer a class that students of all levels can enjoy as well as provide her students with opportunity to connect and grow on and off the Mat. "I have a true appreciation for human connection and passion for the art of yoga, that is why I love to teach. I just want to share with others what has been so generously given to me."

Desiree Crossman

Desiree is a San Diego native who has traveled to 49 countries as well as lived in Thailand, Austria, Philippines, France, and England. She has taught in the Netherlands, Jamaica, Thailand, Philippines, and India. She has led 200 hour yoga teacher trainings as well as retreats and is currently finishing up her 800 hour International Association of Yoga Therapists Certification.

Desiree is a Lead Vinyasa Instructor and Teacher Training Lead Instructor with her E-RYT500/YACEP teacher is also trained in Reiki, certified primary group instructor through AFAA, certified JOGA teacher, and a certified Power Yoga Instructor. .

Jenni Cook

Jenni was first introduced to Yoga in 2011. With a background in competitive dance, Jenni was drawn to yoga for it's healing aspects, physical and mental but soon fell in love with its community as well! Yoga took her by surprise, Jenni began to grow and break down barriers in her life transforming it in ways that she could have never imagined, growing stronger inside and out. It was from this personal place of growth that Jenni decided that she wanted to become a yoga instructor! In 2013 Jenni completed her 200hr Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training followed by a 2014 Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training. To Jenni there is no greater gift then to share the gift of yoga with others. She aspires to guide yogis through their very own beautiful transformation, leading them into a place of strength, self acceptance, and overall happiness

Christina Chambers

Christina's yoga journey began 10 years ago by chance on a surf trip in Costa Rica when she tried a class on the beach. Having a competitive athletic background in boxing and dancing, she was able to go in full force and was hooked. Christina was amazed at how yoga changed her mind and spirit as much as it did her body! Her whole life she had been looking for something; growing up on a sailboat in Central America with free spirited parents who where always in search of something - a different culture, new place, an adventure.
Yoga was exactly what she had been looking for; it taught her to slow down and savor the moment. Through yoga practice we develop an intimate relationship with body, mind, and spirit. It can be whatever you want or need it to be at that moment. Christina's goal is to encourage and guide her students to find their own connection with their practice on and off their mat. By nurturing ourselves with breath, movement and meditation we are better equipped to have patience in our daily lives and the shift in your life will be undeniable. Every moment tastes sweeter, join her on your mat and savor the moment!

Kati Pebley

Kati began her yoga practice over ten years ago when she stumbled upon a Bikram yoga studio. She appreciated the rigorous sequence, along with the heat and humidity component because it allowed for more flexibility during practice. Soon after, she discovered vinyasa flow yoga. She quickly grew to love this style because it allowed her to express herself more creatively. After college, Kati found herself in the beautiful city of Portland and as soon as she stepped into one of the local yoga studios, she immediately felt at home. Kati began to immerse herself into many of the teacher training programs that the studio had to offer; she studied hot yoga and vinyasa flow. Eventually, Kati made her way back to San Diego and began rooting herself into the local yoga community. For Kati, yoga creates a space where she is able to positively nourish and challenge her body, mind, and spirit. Through yoga, she has learned and experienced the endless benefits of discipline, devotion, peace, love, gratitude, stillness, and breath. Kati truly values what yoga brings to her life and is eager to share that same joy and passion with others. As a yoga teacher, Kati aims to create a safe space for self-exploration and growth. Her classes focus on proper body alignment, breath work, and mind-body connection.

Meredith Hatton

Meredith is an east coast native who began her yoga journey almost five years ago. Originally drawn to class for the physical benefits, Meredith found a passion for the challenging postures. She was soon immersed in the many mental and emotional benefits of practice as well. After relocating to San Diego, she has adopted yoga as not only a hobby but a lifestyle as well. Meredith has a Bacholer's degree in Food Science and Nutrition and is 200 RYT certified. She hopes to share her passion and inspiration with all her students.

Shelley Dodgen

Shelley was originally drawn to Yoga for its physical benefits, but quickly realized it was so much more than that. Yoga increased her strength, focus, flexibility in body and mind, and helped her cultivate an overall feeling of contentment that she had never felt before.

The way Yoga changed her life inspired her to want to share this amazing practice with everyone.

Shelley received her RYT 200 certification in October 2015. She taught for almost 3 years until she was ready to go deeper in to the spiritual and physical asana practice. She then received her 50 hour sculpt certification because of her love of fitness, and shortly thereafter she traveled to Greece for her RYT 500 certification in November of 2018. Shelley creates intelligently sequenced classes to enhance body and mental awareness, mobility and strength. She weaves intention and meditation throughout class to invite in the meaning of true Yoga. Shelley specializes in Power Vinyasa and Sculpt but appreciate and loves teaching gentler yoga too. She truly believes that if everyone practiced Yoga the world would be a better place. 
This intermediate level class, while still challenging, promotes relaxation. It provides the opportunity to broaden your strength and focus in a blissful environment and encourages you to move at your own pace and be kind to your body.