RY Yin

This class is taught by:

Hana Pepin

Hana found yoga as a way to connect to a deeper sense of self. "When I leave my mat, I feel lighter in my body and spirit, more whole and connect to a deeper sense of who I really am, and what I am apart of." It is from this place she seeks to help students find a true sense of self and balance by practicing yoga on and off their mats. Born and raised in San Diego, she has been surrounded by the beauty of the ocean waves and sun kissed sky. She inspires to help spread the waves of positivity in the mind, body and spirit simply by acknowledging how abundant our lives truly are. "When we connect to our breath, we connect to our essence, our humanity, our light which makes us all one".

Kecia Lee

Kecia is a San Diego based yoga teacher, health nut, and beach bum. In the yoga studio, her infectious smile, warmth, and passion allow her to connect deeply with and inspire her students. After a highly accomplished career as a competitive soccer player, Kecia hung up her boots at the University of Minnesota and fulfilled her dream of moving to the warm sunny skies and salty sea of California. No longer motivated by maniacal fitness regimens, Kecia sought out a new source of vigor. In 2003, she found yoga and immediately began a dedicated practice. She was drawn to the state of peace that yoga offered through rhythmic movement, connection to breath, and disciplined focus. It was as if the whole world fell away during that sacred hour of practice; a sensation that she had never experienced before. Kecia’s love for practicing yoga intuitively evolved into sharing yoga. Her classes are dynamic and at the same time thoughtful. She artfully weaves intention in and out of playful sequencing, creating a visceral and soulful experience for her students. Her devotion to guiding the body into healthy alignment and her ability to communicate with precision gives her students freedom to open up to their full potential. Kecia’s classes aim to open the heart, expand consciousness, and find healing.

Desiree Crossman

Desiree is a San Diego native who has traveled to 49 countries as well as lived in Thailand, Austria, Philippines, France, and England. She has taught in the Netherlands, Jamaica, Thailand, Philippines, and India. She has led 200 hour yoga teacher trainings as well as retreats and is currently finishing up her 800 hour International Association of Yoga Therapists Certification.

Desiree is a Lead Vinyasa Instructor and Teacher Training Lead Instructor with her E-RYT500/YACEP teacher is also trained in Reiki, certified primary group instructor through AFAA, certified JOGA teacher, and a certified Power Yoga Instructor. .

Christina Chambers

Christina's yoga journey began 10 years ago by chance on a surf trip in Costa Rica when she tried a class on the beach. Having a competitive athletic background in boxing and dancing, she was able to go in full force and was hooked. Christina was amazed at how yoga changed her mind and spirit as much as it did her body! Her whole life she had been looking for something; growing up on a sailboat in Central America with free spirited parents who where always in search of something - a different culture, new place, an adventure.
Yoga was exactly what she had been looking for; it taught her to slow down and savor the moment. Through yoga practice we develop an intimate relationship with body, mind, and spirit. It can be whatever you want or need it to be at that moment. Christina's goal is to encourage and guide her students to find their own connection with their practice on and off their mat. By nurturing ourselves with breath, movement and meditation we are better equipped to have patience in our daily lives and the shift in your life will be undeniable. Every moment tastes sweeter, join her on your mat and savor the moment!

Stephanie Stewart

Born and raised here, Stephanie is a native San Diegan; she is very active and loves being outdoors. About seven years ago a friend took her to her first official yoga class, and it changed her life. Within a year she was doing yoga almost every single day, as yoga naturally became a part of her routine. She had found this grounding practice to decompress her mind, decrease aches and pains, and recharge her mind, body, & soul. After a few years becoming an instructor was the next step in her yogic journey. Yoga is passion for her and paired with her love for corrective exercise and teaching, she strives to inspire & help others cultivate a knowledge and awareness of the body so they can reach goals, heal their bodies and build a strong yoga practice.
A great way to end your week and start fresh into a new one! This class is about passive postural holds to increase blood circulation as well as flexibility while allowing the mind to dive deeper in a more meditative state, cultivating silence and peace of mind.