Melissa Guffy

Melissa has been teaching yoga and other fitness modalities for the past 8 years. She finds one of the purest forms of joy is through body with the mind and breath connection. Growing up as an athlete she took a class in college to try something new and was hooked from there. She remained intrigued with yoga by practicing on her own until she moved to San Diego and hopped on board with the first Teacher Training program recommended to her. Melissa is extremely grateful for yoga as she knows it changed her life for the better. She has found that thru teaching, inspiring and sharing yoga with others it brings her joy and creates valuable purpose in her life. Since her training she has taught many formats and classes at studios, private clients, workshops, fun collaborations, and even corporate wellness helping others achieve a work life balance. She is a certified Personal Nutritionist, and her trainings in yoga range from Vinyasa, Sculpt, Hatha, and Gentle. She also teaches other group fitness classes such as Pilates and Boot Camp. Melissa believes yoga and fitness as a whole gives you an opportunity to push yourself beyond what you believe you can achieve. By doing so, we can create change on and off the mat to enhance growth, feel empowerment and succumb to our intuition.

Melissa Guffy is currently not instructing any classes.