Kayaking La Jolla Cove  

   Saturday, May 17th

   Meet at Studio at 11:00am


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   $45 / $35 for Unlimited Members  - No Refunds


   Join us as we explore La Jolla Cove! Transporation to and from the event is provided!





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Intro into Arm Balances & Inversions Workshop with Desiree

Saturday May 10th

11:00am (at studio)


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$30 / $25 for Unlimited Members 


This 2.5 hour workshop (with a short break) is designed for yogis who are curious about arm balances. Learning the preparation of a pose, connecting with the breathe, capitalizing on the inner strength, trust, and patience. It’s all fun and games landing an arm balance, but what’s far more important is the preparation and transition.


First half we will discuss fundamentals of yoga, talking with yogis who have little to no experience in being on the forearms. Following discussion we will practice pranayama and begin a short practice. 


Second half of the workshop we will go over different arm balances, step by step, initializing the movement of weight, subtle transitions versus abrupt. The asana aspect of yoga is to play around within your boundaries, truly connecting with the breathe as your guide to maneuver your body and stabilize when needed.