Yoga Studio Owner Accelerate Program

So you're interested in starting your own yoga studio! Congratulations on taking the first step into an exciting and life-changing journey. Owning your own studio can be the most rewarding experience. Owning your own studio allows you to be in charge of your own schedule, your own income, and driving your passion for yoga to others.




According to Bloomberg, nearly 80% of businesses (including yoga studios) fail in the first 18 months! Here are several reasons why the failure rate is so high:

  • Lack of focus
  • Lack of motivation, commitment and passion
  • Too much pride, resulting in an unwillingness to see or listen
  • Taking advice from the wrong people
  • Lacking good mentorship
  • Lack of general and domain-specific business knowledge: finance, operations, and marketing



This program is for ANYONE interested in starting their own yoga studio or any type of business. NO experience or formal education needed. The most popular question is "Is a business degree or background required?" and the answer is absolutely not. This program will walk you through every step to starting your own studio or business and will cover hundreds of topics which are never addressed or taught in a traditional business degree. In fact, most individuals who have attended traditional business schools must "unlearn" many of the topics and habits they've been taught. 



The Studio Ownership Program is affordable, fun, engaging and will provide you the valuable fast track into starting your very own studio.

Topics covered in this program include:

  • Owner Mindset
  • Passive vs Active Income
  • Leadership and decision-making
  • How to write your full business plan
  • How to finance the startup (all options covered in detail)
  • How to choose the best location for your studio
  • How to partner with other businesses and affilities 
  • How to build the physical studio (including all necessary utilities like flooring, heating, humidity, permitting, and all aspects of construction)
  • How to hire staff (teachers, administration, support, management, maintenance, etc)
  • How to manage the studio both actively or passively
  • How to organize the business structure
  • How to organize the business operations
  • How to expand your brand and studio
  • Website Development
  • POS (point of sale) options
  • Advertising and marketing strategies that work
  • How to keep records (bookkeeping, accounting, taxes, etc)
  • Short-term and long-term success planning
  • And so much more!



We partner you with seasoned, proven studio owners or owner who will mentor you both one on one and in small groups. The training schedule is flexible. Enrollment is VERY LIMITED.




Please fill out the below interest form to receive more information including the affordable pricing options and flexible training schedule. 

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Please fill out the below interest form to receive more information including the affordable pricing options and flexible training schedule: