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Experiences tailored to both men and women

We will gather together, connect, meet, and talk about what we want to get out of this experience, and share where we are in our lives, and allow the space for healing for each individual that attends. All of the information and topics are curated specifically for your growth and self-reflection.

You'll be showered in gifts and offerings Reach Yoga has to offer! We begin with a short yoga flow, into a deep meditation, then open up the circle with our topic and journaling.

Goddess Circles

Also known as 'women's circles', a goddess circle is a sacred, safe space where women come together to reconnect with their feminine energy, reflect on life's challenges and share their experiences without judgement.

Our intention of this Goddess Circle is that each woman feels refreshed, inspired, and motivated to care for herself physically, mentally, and spiritually. We will be connecting with our fellow sisters in order to come back to WHOLENESS and remember the beauty that each of us has to offer. This is a space to slow down, pause, and open vulnerably in a supportive, loving community of women.

We will share stories, trials and tribulations that each of us is experiencing in a space of love, openness, and connection.

Each Goddess circle is different, topics of conversation will include: How are you showing up for yourself? Your family? Your relationships? Your sisters and community?    How is your relationship to your body and nourishment?  Can you look at yourself through the eyes of love?   Are you celebrating the wins in your life?   In life, are you playing small right now?  If so, how can you show up more powerfully?   What unique gifts do you have and want to bring into this world? And so much more!

Mens Circles

Being a man sometimes means having way more energy in your body than you know what to do with. One of the most obvious and pervasive forms of this energy comes in the form of drive or desire. This includes sexual desire, but this isn’t a workshop about being horny all the time. We’ll be talking about the deep, dark, seemingly insatiable yearning that masculine beings carry. Many teachings and doctrines around the world advocate repressing or ignoring desire, but there are other paths and ways of turning this desire-energy into something beautiful. In the individualistic West, we’ve been taught to project our desire on acquiring things, treating people like things, and/or releasing our desire through masturbation, both literal and metaphorical.

This workshop is different. It is about owning our desire, welcoming it in without shame, cultivating it, and channeling it into the world in ways that feel good and safe for our partners and for beautiful people around us. From wherever you’re starting, I’ll encourage you to take steps toward the ultimate goal of impacting the world in a lasting way with the gift of your passion in ways that are full of love and grounded in integrity.  

This 2-hour workshop will begin with a primal movement-flow to get us into our bodies, along with a grounding meditation and breathwork. Through individual reflection and group sharing/discussion we’ll explore our relationship to our fundamental yearnings. You will go home with a stronger understanding of your own internal drive, and with strategies for acknowledging, cultivating, and utilizing your creative energy.

Next Goddess Circle is March 25, 2023

Community Circles are $50 for a 2 hour experience

We are offering community circles at a discounted price due to the current climate.
We believe healing should be available to ALL!

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