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FAQ, Pricing and Memberships


New Student Promotions

(Must be used within 2 weeks of purchase.)

Plus, 20% off any of our memberships every month if you sign up within two weeks of joining!

Please note all classes are non-refundable.

Returning Students

*Ask about Military, Teacher, Student and Healthcare discounts. Valid ID required.
**20% off per month, every month if you sign up during the trial period (within 2 weeks of your first visit)

Please note all classes are non-refundable.

Our Monthly Memberships Have SO many Benefits:

  • Free mat and towel rentals
  • Priority booking for classes
  • 20% off membership every single month (if you sign up during trial period)
  • Exclusive member discounts on workshops, events, and more
  • Month-to-month, cancel anytime with just a 30 day notice

$5 Reusable Water Bottles

$3 Mat Rentals

New Here?! We have compiled our FAQ so you can feel ready and welcome to join us ASAP:

How many times a week should I take class?

It is completely up to you and your goals! Whether you only have time for one class a week or one class a day—we welcome you to come join the fun. Although we recommend the Buy 1 Class Get 2 Free Introductory Special for new clients to make the most out of the opportunity to get to know our classes and team, we also offer single classes and specials for memberships (our best deal!). There are classes at varying times of day throughout the week, allowing you to make the most out of any time of time you may need. Unsure on how many classes you want to take? Our memberships are all 20% off each and every month that you remain a member** (if you sign up within the first two weeks of your first visit)- our UNLIMITED membership will allow you as many classes as you are able to take, while our 4x Month LIMITED membership allows you any 4 classes a month that you desire, with rollover for any unused classes!

Our classes are designed to give you just what you’re looking for- perhaps a workout that will make you sweat as you enjoy sculpting along with the best of yoga’s healing and strengthening, or even the movement of powerful vinyasa flow yoga classes that will leave you inspired, challenged and motivated. To keep progressing and improving your health and wellness it is recommended to take class at least once a week.

Our goal is to make sure you’re meeting your goals and guided by our amazing instructors who not only add creativity and personality to classes- our innovative technology works along with the instructors to create an experience that is customized to your needs.

How can I cross train (aka enjoy more than one exercise modality) with Reach Yoga classes?

We offer a variety of classes to choose from so you will never get bored- you don’t need a gym membership with the mix of strengthening, sculpting, mind and body focused classes and offerings we provide! 

RY Sculpt: Yoga sculpt is an invigorating class that incorporates hand weights and cardio with the pace of upbeat music for muscle building and calorie burning effects. This is a challenging and empowering class. Adding this resistance to the Level 2 postures intensifies the routine and speeds up the lean muscle mass building-process. This class will help promote visible results in the glutes, hamstrings, quads, biceps, triceps, and other key muscle groups.  Expect to sweat and bring a towel! This class is heated at 85-90 degrees. 

RY Vinyasa Flow: Join us for this amazing flow that will leave you inspired, challenged and motivated! All levels are welcome. Tap into breath with movement guided by our amazing instructors who add their own creativity and personality to their flows! This class is heated at 90-95 degrees. 

RY Power Flow: Add some power to your Vinyasa flow. This class is focused on building heat, strength, flexibility and stamina. Explore different variations of postures and unique transitions, adding to the intensity of the practice. Let the instructors take you to your edge! All levels welcomed. This class is heated at 90-95 degrees. 

RY Vinyasa 2: It’s time to sweat! This is a challenging, heated class which includes more advanced postures and transitions. Students can expect an exhilarating and inspiring class. This class is heated at 90-95 degrees. 

RY Yin and Sound Healing: This class is about passive postural holds to increase blood circulation as well as mobility. Yin targets the deep connective tissues like fascia, ligaments, joints and bones. The vibrations of sound will relax you deeper, allowing the mind to dive deep into a more meditative state, cultivating silence and tranquility. This is a non heated class. Keep in mind, the room will still be slightly warm from the class before. 

RY Deep Stretch and Flow: Wind down at the end of your day in this warm, candlelit class focused on 30 minutes of slow flowing, followed by 30 minutes of deep stretch and relaxation. Leave feeling balanced, rejuvenated and ready for a good night's sleep! All levels welcome. This is a non heated class. Keep in mind, the room will still be slightly warm from the class before. 

What makes Reach Yoga different?

We’ve made it our mission to take the dread out of working out and fitness classes. Our goal is to give you the BEST experience on your mat. Whether that be a relaxing and uplifting yoga class, or a badass workout to get your heart pumping. We make classes enjoyable so time flies and you can enjoy the benefits of a mind, body, spirit connection.  A Reach Yoga class is meant to be an immersive experience with fun ambient lighting and great music— we want to keep you from ever being “bored” on the mat!  

Our indoor studio allows you to enjoy class in rain or shine. We even offer amenities typically reserved for the most professional environments with three onsite restrooms, a shower, cold lavender towels for your eyes at the end of class, and cold pressed juices for sale to name a few.

Will I fit in at Reach Yoga? What should I expect in attending classes and potentially joining your community?! 

You will most definitely fit in at Reach Yoga. Whether you’re just curious about yoga, a beginner, intermediate or advanced student, Reach Yoga has classes specifically geared for you! 

We welcome everyone with a desire to try yoga, go deeper in your exercise journey or even if you’re just looking for a good sweat! There is no need to be nervous for your first class. Here, we hope you will find a ‘fit’ family environment with plenty of healing and fulfillment! Reach Yoga is geared for all fitness levels and our instructors will help tailor the class to your capabilities. We want everyone to get the most efficient, enjoyable workout possible. Our community is a judge-free zone and welcomes everyone to experience the best yoga has to offer. 

What are the benefits of cardio vs strengthening exercise like yoga? Should I be doing one or the other, or both?

Incorporating both cardio and strengthening into your workouts makes for a well-rounded, healthy exercise regimen. Cardio improves heart health and burns more calories, while weighted/bodyweight exercise boosts your metabolism, builds muscle, and reduces your risk of injury.

Yoga decreases stress, relieves anxiety, improves heart health, boosts your immunity, builds strength, and so much more. It is important to include variety in your exercise, yoga is a great place to start.

 It is recommended that you choose a balance of both cardio and strengthening exercises for a variety of reasons. If you are looking to burn more calories, cardio focused exercises like cycling will be a great option for you. If you’re looking to build muscle, focusing on incorporating weight bearing exercise on off days may be a great complement to yoga classes. We believe the two are always better than one!

Why should I workout in the heat?

So. Many. Reasons! Here are just a few:
Burns body fat and elevates your metabolism
Builds strength and endurance
Increases balance, coordination, focus and discipline
Increases flexibility
Increases muscle tone
Helps with pain
Improves quality of sleep
Improves your posture
Improves circulation
Improves your overall health and wellness
Reduces risk of injury
Reduces stress
Raises energy level
Strengthens the immune system

Although we recommend that you always consult with your doctor if you are on any medications or have any known health issues, we also really do believe in the gentle heat in our classes and suggest that you simply pay attention to your body during class, hydrate effectively and take precautions if there are any pre-existing health concerns.

Since most of our classes provide the benefits of heat, they’re actually purposely quite gentle- Yoga Sculpt ranges from 85-90 degrees, Vinyasa Flow, Candlelight Yoga and Power Yoga ranges from 90-95 degrees. Most clients find it quite comfortable and pleasing to exercise in these temperatures!

We also offer weekly non-heated classes, including Kundalini Yoga, RY Deep Stretch & Flow and Yin & Sound Healing.

How can I boost my immunity by taking yoga classes and exercising in general?

Building a healthy immune system is a vital element to fighting off illness of many sorts—which is especially important now more than ever. While there are several components that affect your immunity, exercise is considered by most in the medical field to play a large role. 

Fun Fact: Yoga in particular is one of the major contributing factors that can lead to a rejuvenation of the immune system later in life. This has been proven in many studies and in the feedback we receive from our members and regular attenders.
You can boost your immunity by staying consistent with your exercise regime. We offer different types of classes throughout the day that are convenient with your schedule.

Yoga is a great way to boost your immunity and reduce stress. In this time where having improved immunity is a must have, boosting the immune system to fight off viruses and infections seems to be one individual action you can take action on and enjoy!

How can I level up my HIIT/bootcamp attendance, Crossfit, running or marathon training by adding yoga classes to my exercise regime?

Running and yoga go hand-in-hand with each other. Our studio allows you to take classes in safety, style and air conditioning- as a great accompaniment to your outdoor running or marathon training.  Cross-training is a great way to level up your marathon training. It helps build your cardio and improves your personal records.  

In addition, incorporating yoga as a recovery day after a hard training regime (such as HIIT/bootcamps, Crossfit etc) can be used to reduce soreness while still enjoying the cardiovascular training effect alongside the balance of focusing on your mind and body. 

HIIT workouts are a great way to get your heart pumping, burn calories, and metabolic rate as well. HIIT workouts are no doubt beneficial, when you add yoga to your HITT workout regime you perform better. Your performance will level up, you will have more energy, and you will learn how to better control your breathing during the workout. Our Deep Stretch and Flow session focuses on passive postural holds to increase blood circulation and flexibility.  When you add yoga to your HIIT workout, you will have an increase in strength and endurance to level up your game. Yoga aids recovery by increasing blood flow to your calves, glutes, hamstrings, and quads. 

You will build strength, endurance, and mobility by adding yoga to your training experience. You can add our relaxed/slow flow session to your exercise regime to focus on building strength, flexibility, and relaxation. By adding yoga to your exercise regime, you will find yourself more relaxed, and clear-minded. Yoga will not only strengthen your body, but it will also make the smaller muscles stronger which reduces the risk of injuries.

Yoga will not only help you physically, but also mentally and emotionally. When your mind is free, and relaxed you perform better. We recommend yoga and along with any of these modalities- and perhaps a few days apart for max effect!

How can I level up my Pilates workouts by adding yoga classes to my exercise regime?

Pilates and yoga are a match made in heaven. Pilates strengthens the spine and improves spine mobility, relieves muscle tightness, and improves gluteal strength. Pilates is known to be a cross-training tool—the exercises increase core strength and stability and provide overall flexibility, which can lead to improved performance in yoga classes. As your flexibility improves, your risk of injury is lower, and your body can recruit the proper muscle groups more efficiently. Try taking maybe a few yoga classes a week and a few pilates classes. Listen to your body and we think you’ll find that they’re better together... It’s a win-win!

How can I level up my cycling workouts by adding yoga classes to my exercise regime?

Yoga has great benefits for today’s cyclists. By adding yoga to your cycle practice, you will build strength, endurance, and balance. Did you know that some of the most elite cyclists use yoga as a part of a successful training program? Yoga is full of dynamic and static movements that help strengthen all the muscles of the body, including your prime movers for cycling. Try to ride on days you aren’t practicing yoga or vice versa! Or you may find benefits to practicing yoga after a cycling workout—this may help your muscles heal after workouts and slow your heart rate. Yoga and cycling go hand and hand; together they truly improve flexibility, build strength, and help you to develop better breathing techniques for each time of exercise... and the results go beyond the four walls of a gym or studio!

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**Please note that this 90-minute pass is ONLY valid during Reach Yoga’s business hours.