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Upcoming Events

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Join Dr. Austin Shutler for a 2-hour workshop targeted towards low back pain, injuries, and pathologies. This workshop is for anyone who not only may be interested in learning about the spine, low back pain, pathologies and rehab, but also anyone looking to dive deeper into asana correctional alignment, bodywork, and be a part of a restorative yoga flow. Session will include education on anatomy and physiology, yoga flow, bodywork, meditation, asana alignment correction, and exercise interventions. (You do not need to have pain to participate) Workshop will include 2 parts:

Educational component: ~30 min• Spinal anatomy, physiology, mechanics and kinematics
• Injuries/pathologies
• Professional examination and screening
• Diagnosing and treatment classifications

Interactive component: ~90 min• Meditation/breathing
• Yoga flow
• Bodywork
• Asana correctional alignment
• Exercise interventions for low back pain

‍Exercises, yoga flow, and education provided by Austin Shutler PT, DPT
Licensed doctor of physical therapy practitioner and yoga instructor.

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