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Upcoming Events

Low Back & Spine Health Workshop - May 25 @ 5pm

Join Austin Shutler PT, DPT, for a 2-hour workshop to learn about the body and optimize your spinal health.  This workshop is targeted towards low back pain/discomfort, injuries, and pathologies but anyone interested in learning and growing their knowledge base is welcome. Session will include education on spine anatomy, mechanics, and physiology, heated yoga flow, bodywork techniques, guided meditation/breathing, asana alignment correction of the spine, and exercise interventions specific to low back clinical diagnosis. Bring yourself and come give your low back a wellness tune up.

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Live DJ Yoga Sculpt - June 2 @ 12:30pm

Join Tessa Van Beek & DJ Likewise for a duo you don’t want to miss - live DJ & yoga sculpt! Get ready to sweat it out with a 60 minute hot yoga sculpt led by Tessa and a live set with Likewise. Bring your friends & yoga mats and let’s get after it!

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Magic Mushroom Yoga - June 8 @ 12:30pm

Join Alena Snedeker in this 2 hour ceremony were we will start class with a .25 gummy sourced from our partner, Kali Kaps. From there Alena will guide you through a meditation and sound healing experience, followed by a juicy yin flow. Expect slow and mindful movements to make the mind, body, and spirit feel at harmony and extraordinary!

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