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Mom's Circle w/Jenn Farris - 12/10/2022

Hello moms of all ages. My name is Jenn & I am a mother of two littles, ages 4 years & 18 months. I have been a yoga instructor since 2016, a personal development coach since 2020 & a student of life for 36 years. I run a staffing company and am a single mom.

 My “why” or intention for creating this space is a question I have asked many times. “Who cares for the caregiver?” As mothers there is a monumental amount of blessings our children give us & for me, a sense of purpose & strength I didn’t know I had came from motherhood.

This is our SECOND quarterly circle and I'm so excited to gather again! 

On the other side of that is the very real fact that it is a huge give and act of service to care for our children. Sometimes our own needs, wants & desire’s (or let’s be honest, time to shower lol) gets put on the back burner.  Our sense of connection to our femininity & freedom is temporarily outshined by our role as mother/mom/mommy (chief, cook & bottle washer)

It has been my experience in talking to many mothers that a feeling of “being on an island” is common. 

Here’s a thought, if we are all on an island, let’s be on one TOGETHER. :) 

Hence, sacred moms circle.

This is a space created to allow your voice to be heard, to make connection, to express your joy at things gained and/or frustration at things that feel lost. A time to reconnect with that intimate voice inside you that KNOWS not only are you an incredible mother, you’re a bad ass woman!

 We will share, mingle, listen & be listened to, connect, as well as go within. 
We will move our bodies, nourish our bodies, and hopefully make some new friends because let’s be real, it takes a village!

 If this resonates with you, register and come be part of this community.

***childcare available for those that need it do don’t let that stop you!

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